Our Events

On Saturday July 29th, the Can You Spare A Story Family celebrated our first event as a non-profit organization. The first annual Can You Spare A Story Priceless Pop-Up Shop! Words cannot describe the excitement we felt as 30 volunteers helped us serve over 150 homeless individuals. Throughout the months leading up to the event, we collected over 200 bags of donations from local businesses and families across the Las Vegas valley. Working hand-in-hand with The Care Complex, we created a normal shopping experience without the worry of cost. The homeless population is often degraded and misjudged by stereotypes. Can You Spare A Story works to end the negative stigma of homelessness and provide readers with an inside look at the real life stories of the homeless population with hopes to spark understanding. During the Priceless Pop-Up Shop, we collected 38 stories of homeless individuals just trying to survive. Please keep an eye out for these stories and share them with those you love. Here are some of the amazing photos captured during this event!

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