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In my younger years, when little girls are suppose to be playing with barbies and chasing after boys, I found myself having other interest. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an abnormal connection to the homeless population. It was crazy to me that some people just only have the option of the concrete to call home, being judged and categorized by the things they have no control over. The homeless population is thought to be a drug and alcohol obsessed mess of mental-cases, an automatic judgement of a dirty faced person. Stories have always been something that caught my eye, I have a need in my heart to understand the truth of why things are how they simply are, I have a need to hear stories. The prearranged judgment of the homeless community is one that keeps me up at night, which is why I have created this site.. A chance for you to see the real truth of how some of America’s homeless got to where they are. No assumptions, no lies, pure truth from the actual source.

With that, I will be collecting stories of homeless people I meet along the way. I hope you read these stories and apply them to your own life because this could be you. I hope to end the prearranged negative thought that automatically flood our minds when we see someone begging on the streets.

” Accept me as I am, not as I look, and I will do the same without lies”

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